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Mindfulness Workshops & Course

Many people live in an auto-pilot mode, doing things over and over again, only to realize later that they have lived an unfulfilled life. At every moment, we are making choices that result in the outcome that we experience in our life. 


Mindfulness is more than just a tool. It is a state of mind, and a way of life that teaches us to be aware of what is happening in our moment-to-moment physical sensations, feelings thoughts, and the surrounding environment non-judgmentally, with kindness and an open mind.


There are numerous evidence-based research has shown the benefits of mindfulness on our health and well-being. Engaging in mindfulness practices can help us develop more awareness, emotional self-regulation and concentration skills, as well as cultivate more wisdom, compassion and love yourself and for others.  This can lead increased resilience, productivity and creativity, improved relationships, and more joy and fulfillment.

The Foundations of Mindfulness course consists of three main categories that combines theory and practice.

1. Mind Space (two 2.5-hour sessions): FMM1 and FMM2 
2. Heart Space (two 2.5-hour sessions): FMH1 and FMH2 
3. Practice & Integration (4 hours): FMIN 

Combining teachings, guided mindfulness and self-reflection practices, you'll experience simple yet powerful tools that you can apply in your daily life. 

For more information about this course, contact me at or WhatsApp #6896-3338.

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