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Soothing Bell


We're now offering women's day retreat on the beautiful island of Ma Wan in Hong Kong that last for two days. To maximize the interaction between the retreat facilitator and the participants, we are accepting only four participants per group.

GerlieMa will guide you on an inner work process that can help tap into your own wisdom through guided meditation, presence practice, creative expressions, self-reflection, and discussions.

You will experience a heart-centered approach to personal development and maximizing human potential which incorporates western psychology and eastern ancient wisdom teachings. 

Rediscovery & Renewal Women's Day Retreat (Starts April 30, 2023):

During this two-day retreat, you will guided on a process of self-discovery and self-love, which can help you discover your authentic self, develop the capacity to love and accept yourself, and gain more confidence to follow your heart's desire, and deal with challenging situations. You'll experience guided meditation, self-reflection and creative expressions activities such as art, movement, and nature walk. You will leave with tools that you can apply in your daily life that can empower you to live your authentic self. .

Deepening into the Unconscious (2nd Half 2023):

We will explore the feminine and masculine principles, the psychological functions, and basic archetypes. GerlieMa will help you uncover limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior that don't serve you, explore the unconscious mind including psychological projections that are affecting your relationships, and that may block you from realizing your full potential. 

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