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The ACT Program

The Awareness, Creativity, and Transformation (ACT) program is a heart-centered transformational process for personal and spiritual development that incorporates spiritual psychology, and ancient wisdom teachings.

This program will allow you to develop greater self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence. You will be introduced to creative expressions that can help reawaken your creativity, further enhance self-awareness, and foster emotional healing, insights, and growth. It will also empower you to create a reality that aligns with what you truly desire and to develop healthy habits and inner resources that will transform how you relate to themselves, to others, and to the world.

The ACT program consists of three courses:

AWARENESS: The emphasis of this foundational course is on awareness training. I facilitate workshops that will help you cultivate mindfulness and compassion, which are the two wings of awareness and have been proven to increase focused attention, reduce stress, and increase resilience so that you can respond skillfully to your thoughts, difficult emotions, and habits, and the surrounding environment with more calm, clarity and kindness.

CREATIVITY: I facilitate creativity and meditation sessions that incorporate creative expressions in the form of movement, expressive arts, writing, etc. for self-discovery, self-exploration, and self-expression. This can help to reawaken or expand your creative energy and access your inner wisdom for insights, healing, and growth.

TRANSFORMATION: I facilitate a weekend retreat where we will explore the feminine and masculine principles, the psychological functions and process, and basic archetypes. We will also explore unconscious materials through meditation and creative expressions to uncover underlying core issues and limiting beliefs and break repeated patterns of behavior that no longer serve you for healing and integration. You will know yourself on a deeper level, learn the art of centering, and explore how your psychological projections affect your relationships.

When you apply these concepts, meditation, and inner work practices into your daily life, it can transform your perception of reality and your relationship with yourself and with others, and nurture your compassion and love for yourself and others. 

Take the first step to clarify  your needs, desires and challenges, develop life skills and inner strength, and align your life with your values, life passions, and purpose. 
Learn the art of centering, and experience creative expressions that facilitate self-discovery, self-exploration, and self-expression.
Engage in an inner journey that can help you discover who you truly are, connect to your heart and soul's desire, transform your perception of reality, and co-create a life of your dream.

When I created the ACT program in 2015, my objectives were as follows: i) to teach mindfulness practices and facilitate expanded awareness and enhanced creativity; ii) to empower others to transform their life challenges into growth and true happiness, focusing on adults.

Six years later, I developed The ACT Program for Youths to help youngsters discover what they truly want in life, develop mindfulness and compassion so that they can respond skillfully to negative thoughts and emotions, as well as create a passionate, joyful and fulfilled life. 

ACT Program for Youths

Support youths to develop awareness and focused attention so that they can respond to their current situation with more calm, clarity, and compassion. 


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