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Listen to my FREE audio guided MINDFULNESS MEDITATION that can leave you feeling calmer in just 3 minutes.

As a guide to people's journey to true happiness and self-mastery, I can support and empower you to be a more resilient, highly self-aware, and heart-centered individual. 

With life being so relentlessly busy, you may be finding it difficult to prioritise your needs, maintain harmony in your relationships, and cultivate the energy and the positive mindset you need to show up as your best self. 

I provide transformational workshops & courses, and private coaching & facilitation to help you create a passionate and purposeful life of joy and fulfillment. 

Imagine feeling valued and confident, being mentally and emotionally balanced and present in the moment, so you can be more effective at work / school or at home, make better decisions, cultivate more loving relationships, take better care of yourself so that you can take better care of others, and experience greater success and well-being.

Free Your Mind,
Listen to the Soft Voice of Your Heart.


Awaken Your Mind!

Learn proven strategies & tools and gain experiential knowledge to increase focused attention, mindful awareness and kindness, as well as strengthen resilience and self-esteem.



Awaken Your Joy!

An inner journey into the unconscious with guided meditation and creative expressions activities for self-discovery, self-healing, and radical self-love.

Free Your Mind!

  Coaching & Facilitation

1-to-1 sessions designed to help you gain clarify on a challenging situation in your life, transform your negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and habits, and take inspired actions that align with your values and goals. 

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Awaken Your Heart!

Learn and experience mindfulness practices, meditation and practices based on ancient wisdom teachings and psychology to cultivate mindfulness, compassion, love and wisdom.

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Bi-Monthly Practice Sessions!

Businesses & Educational Institutions

Get the support you need to empower your team or students to build clarity, calm and confidence that will enable them to make better choices and have greater success and fulfillment.

Meet GerlieMa Lee


GerlieMa is a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and Mindset Shift Facilitator. She is also a Life and Spiritual Coach with a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology. In addition, she is a certified Trainer in the “Canfield Methodology”, qualified to facilitate mindset transformation for groups and individuals. 

She guides and empowers professionals and students to discover what they truly want in life, to increase their self-image and self-esteem, as well as to manage their stress and emotions skillfully, and transform their limiting beliefs so that they can improve their relationships with themselves and others, make better decisions that align with their values and goals, and manifest their dreams. 

GerlieMa is the creator of a program referred to as Awareness, Creativity, and Transformation or ACT, which is a heart-centered approach to personal mastery that incorporates western psychology, and eastern wisdom traditions.

She would love to help you unlock the peace, joy, harmony, and presence of mind that is your birthright.

Client Testimonials

...Thanks to her, I re-discovered myself, I am more attuned and liberated. I feel empowered with my actions and decisions, with this valuable knowledge to equip me not only in the work that I do but life as a whole..."
Melissa Caranto
General Manager, MSL Group in Vietnam 
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...Although we had had been through many trainings before, GerlieMa's workshop still added much value to enrich our inner strength. Highly recommend GerlieMa to all my friends..."
Tumy Bui
Manager, University of Economics in Vietnam
...GerlieMa seems to not only make sense of these struggles but guides you, in a methodical and existential way, through these challenges. For the lost, broken, and dimmed passionate, I highly recommend her sessions."
Pablo Joaquín
Political PR Strategist, Writer, and Music Producer in the Philippines
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Jack Canfield Certified Clear Bcknd (1).
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"A great coach provides some teaching, some consulting, some hand-holding, and a lot of space for you to empower yourself through your own growth process." - Rosenberg Kunh

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