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Life Passion Coaching

Passions * Priorities * Potential

Service Description

These 1-on-1 Life Passion Coaching 2-part sessions are designed to help you discover what you truly want in your life, align your life with things that are most important to you, and guide you toward realizing your life passions. As a certified facilitator and trainer, I utilize the #1 tool worldwide for discovering your passions, which are clues to your life purpose. You'll experience simple guided practices that will help you tune into your heart's desire and your inner knowing. You'll be guided on a 5-Step Process: 1) Relax & calm your mind.. 2) Identify your top 5 passions in life. 3) Prioritize your life based on what matter most to you. 4) Explore one thing that is holding you back from realizing your life passions. 5) Create a plan and ACT. This Life Passion Coaching package includes two online or in-person sessions; 75 minutes for the 1st session and an hour for the 2nd session, valid for one month. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu Ready to start creating a purposeful life of joy and fulfillment that you truly deserve?

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